Aside from providing nice living spaces, Shang Residences also aims to treat residents with a wide variety of amenities that make living in the condominium more akin to permanently residing in a five-star hotel. If you live in the Rise, you will be treated to plenty of facilities that you might not even want to leave the community for weeks on end.

Upon entering the building, you will find a wide lobby, complete with a lounge and reception area. This place is great for when you are entertaining guests and you feel that you will not have enough space for all of them in your condominium unit. The lounge area is also great for when you just want to hang out with your family and friends. In addition, there is an area that you can use for hobbies and crafts.

If you are a fitness buff, you will feel right at home in the Rise because there are plenty of fitness amenities right inside the condominium building. For instance, you no longer need an expensive gym membership because there is already a fully-equipped gym inside the building. The gym has a separate space for weights and fitness equipment, and there are separate rooms for yoga and pilates classes. If you are into the habit of jogging every morning before you go to work, you just need to put on your running gear and lace on your shoes then head outside towards the expansive jogging path around the compound.

Another neat thing about living in the Rise is that it comes with lots of recreational facilities. For instance, there is a billiards hall where you can hang out with your friends, have a couple of cold beers, and shoot some pool. The billiards hall also has a small minibar and a couple of televisions, so you can even go there on your own and ease your mind from all the stress you accumulated from your work.

There are also a couple of swimming pools so you can take a dip when you can no longer take the hot, Philippine summer sun. You will find a separate pool for adults, which is also great for when you like to swim a couple of laps everyday as a form of training. Furthermore, there is a smaller, shallower kiddie pool where you can teach your kids to swim. Speaking of the kids, there are also several playgrounds and play areas all over the condominium complex.

On the other hand, if you are just looking for a quiet place where you can just sit and contemplate on your thoughts, you can head over to The Lawn, which is a rather large outdoor garden area. The Lawn is sort of like a mini park with a couple of benches where you can sit and just admire the beauty of the plants all around you.

There are many other amenities in the Rise that make living there more like going on a permanent hotel staycation.

  • Function Room
  • Billiard Room
  • Gym
  • Karaoke Room
  • Kid's Zone
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